Music Synthesis


Bob Moog

Vale Bob Moog. Attack, decay, sustain, release, and endless echoes.

Moog documentary film by Hans Fjellestad
Bob Moog dedications
MoogMusic official site
Detailed history of Moog
Basic history of Moog
Interview with Bob on the MiniMoog
BBC Obituary

Analogue Synths

Sound on Sound magazine
Ken Stone - modular synth circuits
Cloned Analog Gear
Restoring Old Synths
ETI4600 - restoration of a vintage analogue


Glen Stegner - MiniMogue, ARP2600 - start here
Gunnar Ekornas - MiniMogue more configurations
Richard Brooks - Synthedit skins, tutorials
Synthedit - the core synth engine


Rick Wakeman

Rick official site

Keith Emerson





Vladimir Horowitz