ETI 4600

Information for those restoring the ETI 4600/3600 or Maplin 5600 analogue synths from 1973.


Many thanks to whoever originally scanned these PDF's of the ETI 4600 ...
ETI4600 Reference Manual - main part
ETI4600 Reference Manual - the lost pages
Thanks to Paul Read (UK) for these PDF's of the Maplin 5600 ...
Maplin5600 Reference Manual - part 1
Maplin5600 Reference Manual - part 2


ETI 4600 and 3600

Mike Tillman - Mike has a great site for ETI4600 owners, reference docs, good links
Supersized 4600 - Ken Stone's friend's 4600 with double everything - fully sick bro
Rick Jelliffe - blog on restoring Rick's 4600
Rick's photos - photos of Rick's damaged 4600 and restoration plans
Trevor Marshall - the original designer (with Kim Ryrie) of the ETI 4600/3600
Synrise - encyclopaedia of synths
SonicState - quote - the ETI4600 is "a truely massive synth, if well made easily gives the arp2600, ems or smaller moog mods a kick up the ossc"
Port23 - restoring a 4600 in the UK

Electronics and Module Designs

Ken Stone - modular synth circuits - includes improved version of ETI noise generator and lots of neat modules
Old Crow - Restoring Old Synths - Scott Ryder's advice on old capacitors and chips
Neil Johnson - other ETI designs incl. the DigiSound and a Sequencer
Transcendant 2000 - a later ETI synth design, by Tim Orr
Accutronics - manufacturers of spring reverb units (O.C. Electronics no longer in business)
RCS Radio - still supplying PCB's for the 4600 here in Sydney in 2007 - thanks Ron Bell
Jaycar - my favourite shop since 1972 - thanks Gary Johnstone

Maplin 5600

Retards - notes on Maplin 5600 designed by Peter Van Win
Maplin 5600 - photos and info
Maplin 5600 - more photos and info
Wikipedia - more photos
Mike Beecher - founder of "Electronics & Music Maker" magazine, codesigner of Maplin 5600

The Fairlight

The Fairlight - Kim Ryrie's other little synth design
Fairlight - more detail on the Fairlight


Synth Links - my other synth links analogue, digital, softsynths


Purely to demonstrate the sounds, tones & timbres possible on the ETI4600.
Not for those fond of music as such.

One VCO and one VCF only

Basic VCF tune & resonance tweaks
ADSR modulation of VCF
VCF oscillating & ringing
Chimes - sick Rhodes sound
Guitar grunge
Chinese - pitch modulation from ADSR

Choons but not as we know them

Bass gtr - Bouree
J.P.Jones from All of My Love
J.P.Jones continued
Angel intro - cello
Pictures a la Keith
Promenade by Modeste Mussorgsky