Lou Steer with sculpture I came to art practice as a late bloomer, after having found success in the corporate world. Some people buy a red Ferrari in midlife, I took to art to fulfill a lifelong yearning for creativity. A number of highly talented artists took me under their wing and helped me develop the technical skills I needed to make great art.

Now I am known for my bold, minimal forms and witty images, celebrating the awesome Australian environment in all its forms desert, coast, bush, city.

As a sculptor, I like to combine found objects with industrial materials and techniques to reflect natural forms, capturing light and space, with an element of surprise for viewers.

As a painter and videomaker, I favour bold graphic images and high colour to evoke the brilliant light of the gorgeous Australian landscape.

Since 2005, I have exhibited widely in over 20 group exhibitions, including many public and national art events such as Sculpture in the Vineyards, the ANL National Maritime Prize, Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize, Riverworks and Cooks River Festival.

I am a regular exhibitor at At the Vanishing Point Gallery, Newtown.

I am a founding member of Edith Artists Inc, a community based artists group in inner Sydney.

Studio: 9 Edith St, St Peters NSW

Visits by appointment email me!