Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus got funding of the Spanish monarchs in the year 1492, this was after 6 years of them deciding wether his plan of trying to find a Western route to the Indian spice islands and India. So it was on the 3rd of August 1492 that he departed from the port of Palos in spain with 3 ships, The Santa Naria, the Nina and the Pinta.

The Santa Maria was Columbus's flagship and bought by him with the funds he captained it. The Nina captained by Vicente Yanez Pinzon was one of his two smaller caravels. The Pinta was the second of the two caravels and its captain was Martin Alonzon Pinzon. Other than these 3 captains, there were another 90 or so crew members making this a relitivley small voyage. This small crew was justified after all, the trip was only a meer 5000km acording to Columbus's calculations. But it wasn't really that small a distance, Columbus's calculations were inacurate and the actual distance was 16000km.

So after his departure, he sailed for 30 days straight without seeing any land as he crossed the Atlantic ocean (he wasn't following the coast). The crews were scared because of the rumors of monsters and the green sea of darkness . He convinced his crew to not turn back and to sail for 3 more days, it was then that he sighted land.

The land that he spotted was an island in the Bahmas although he though he had found the edge of the Indies and thus called the people who inhabited the island Indian's

After sailing further he found what he believed to be Japan, but it turned out to be Cuba (amerigo v. proved that he found a new continent not asia). He came back to Spain with the belief that he had found Asia and despite others proving him wrong when he died in 1505 he took the belief with him to the grave.

Christopher Columbus